We make early-stage investments in innovative technologies and companies, working to build a sustainable future

Renewable Energy and Storage

Storage is a key enabler to a carbon free electricity and transport system

Clean Water and Food

Low cost, low energy water purification improves both health and food security.

Green Materials and Environment

It is time to up-cycle our waste to preserve resources and protect our environment.

Education for our common future

The road to sustainability is long and educating the next generation is key.


Tackling climate change and creating a sustainable world requires investment in new technologies, smart infrastructure and consumer led change.


Founded in 2004 in Beijing, we developed projects to reduce carbon emissions and mitigate climate change, trading carbon credits under the Kyoto Protocol. This led to the co-founding of Camco International, and we are proud to have developed projects that have reduced hundreds of millions tCO2e of green house gas emissions in many sectors of the global economy.

Since 2008, we are investing in paradigm shifting ideas and technologies that we hope will play their role in creating a sustainable economy and improving our environment.

Since our founding, we have always allocated a portion of earnings to a social portfolio. We have a good track record of supporting charities in China and globally as well as a number of awareness raising initiatives and not-for-profit enterprises. As funds permit, we will continue to engage in supporting social activities in the following areas:

Selected Highlights

For more than 15 years, ClearWorld Energy has been developing clean energy projects, investing in clean technology and helping social entrepreneurs. We look forward to working with you to continue this journey.


Emission Reduction Projects

We helped register the first windfarm project under the Clean Development Mechanism of the Kyoto Protocol and developed methodologies for waste heat utilization and coal mine methane utilization. We co-founded and listed the award winning Camco International on the AIM market in London in 2006. Our work paved the way for emission reductions in many sectors globally.


Innovative Technologies

From biomass and biofuels to energy storage and water purification, we have invested in and helped develop a range of innovative technologies. An example is New Zealand based Carbonscape which is developing a process to take waste wood and convert it to value added carbon products such as green coke, activated carbon and graphite.



As part of our efforts to raise awareness on climate change, we developed a project based learning tool – www.sutori.com - that is now used by educators around the world to teach more than a million school children. The tool is ideal for teaching students the 4 C’s of 21st century learning - critical thinking, communication, collaboration, and creativity.


Helping rural development

Recycling profits into new technologies and supporting social causes is a big part of our corporate culture. Since our founding, China has lifted hundreds of millions out of poverty and like many companies we played a role where we could. We are now looking at how we can help in other countries, initially by joining a team to support an orphanage in Cambodia.



From Singapore and globally, we work with companies and investors in Asia, Europe and the America’s.


Clearworld Energy Singapore was established in 2013 as our investment holding vehicle and headquarters due to Singapore’s favourable investment conditions, its strategic location in Asia and a lively and growing start-up scene.


ClearWorld Energy has invested in a portfolio of innovative start-up companies across the world and has a global network of partners which can support them. By leveraging our own resources and those of our partners, we offer a variety of value added services to our portfolio companies. In these days of digital working we are used to working remotely and collaboratively across multiple time zones.


We are entrepreneurs and investors in sustainability and we’re ready to help you make an impact.


Mike is an entrepreneurial engineer and co-founder of ClearWorld Energy with an excellent commercial track record in the energy and cleantech sectors. Mike manages the company’s current portfolio and scouts out opportunities in Asia Pacific.


Michael Ashburn

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Alex is a co-founder of ClearWorld Energy and is an engineer with a PhD in wind energy and deep technical knowledge of carbon markets and the cleantech sector. Based in London, Sweden and Spain, Alex manages business development for the company globally.


Alex Westlake

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Liu Rong has been CFO of ClearWorld Energy since its founding in Beijing and has deep experience of financial management, fund raising, and investment appraisal in the energy and cleantech sectors.


Liu Rong

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We invest in early stage opportunities globally, we advise companies both large and small, we commit when we can add value.


We started as a renewable energy development company but now we invest in and help grow ventures that create a sustainable future. The above list represents significant milestones in our company’s development and a selection of portfolio companies we have co-founded or have invested in. The list is updated periodically.



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